Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ARC4 tutorials posted

Long overdue, I have finally completed the tutorials for ARC4 ("Alleged RC4") cryptography for use with RF wireless transmissions via the nRF24L01. Now you can secure the data that you're sending through the air in a similar format to WEP and WPA security protocols. I have created implementations in C for PIC and ARM architecture (PIC18F452 and LPC2148, respectively) just like all of the other tutorials. Now you're in the big leagues!

Check out the links to the zip files here: LPC2148 and PIC18F452.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Status update and new 24L01 data sheet released

I promise that I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. I haven't been able to work on tutorials for the last month or so because I started work right in crunch time of a product cycle. Blah. I am still around to help if you guys email me, though (and a few of you have). I'm going to try to finish up that ARC4 tutorial. I also sampled some Wolfson WM8737 ADC chips so I can try to chase after my DIY wireless guitar transmitter. If I can get something going, I'll let you guys check it out.

In 24L01 news, Nordic has now (after over a year of secrecy) revealed that there are hidden features on the 24L01. I kinda knew that there was a reason that they still had a draft spec out, but now they have released a new one which can be found here. They have released functionality for dynamic payload length, selective acknowledge, and payload on auto-ack. These are some great features that would have been even better had they have been released from the get-go. I suppose now I get to write a new version of Tutorial 0 and the include library...

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